Saturday, February 03, 2007

Sorry for the lack of activity...

... but I've been "doing panto" and it has taken my life for the last six weeks.

Nothing terribly exciting has happened here that I have noticed.


Friday, January 05, 2007

Left-wing propaganda

No even moderately right-wing person would get away with this blatant, Soviet-esque propaganda book aimed at very young children:

Note the use of the elephant (symbol of the Republican Party) that is heading right for the hobo to symbolise "bad stuff that the Democrats will protect you from", and the father caricature on the bottom plate which faintly resembles various anti-Semitic caricatures of the not-so-distant past. This really is exactly the same stuff that various totalitarian regimes got up to during the 20th century, so it does not surprise me hugely that some fervent Democrat has done it.

Is there any anti-idiotarian artist/photoshopper who would like to create a counter to this? Perhaps a recidivist donkey on early release raping and strangling a defenseless "Mommy" in her own home?

Saturday, December 30, 2006


On my way up to Denmark a few days ago, I was a victim of profiling. Shock horror!

As a young male, driving a Dutch registered car alone up the autobahn away from the Netherlands, the German police decided to pull me over. Instead of shouting "is it coz I is young, alone, and driving a Dutch car?", I co-operated when they asked me whether I was carrying any soft drugs to Denmark. I even co-operated with them searching the boot of my car, and I was polite throughout. Speaking reasonable German certainly helped.

I fully understand why I was stopped, and why I was targeted. I do not feel sore about the incident at all. I see no point in them pulling over, for instance, French families travelling home from holidays in Germany and asking them if they are transporting drugs. Profiling is a sensible way to apportion police time, whether searching for drugs being smuggled out of the Netherlands, stopping football hooligans from flying to football matches, giving Irish sounding people special attention when flying during the 70s and 80s, or reducing the threat of Islamic terrorism.

Now, seeing as I can understand why I was profiled, and not immediately hold a press conference denouncing the Polizei for racism, why can members of the Religion of Peace not understand why they get extra attention at airports? (Rhetorical question, don't answer that...)

Sunday, December 24, 2006

How insensitive!

My Muslim neighbours send and receive Christmas cards. They manage to do this without complaining, holding press conferences, or getting any political Muslim organisations involved to complain about their non Muslim neighbour's lack of cultural sensitivity.

That is real tolerance for, and integration into, the host country's culture. Perhaps CAIR, MCB, MPACUK etc should ask them how they manage it?

When the BBC produced good programming...

I'm working my way through my "Yes, Prime Minister" DVD set at the moment, and it is remarkable to note how BBC comedy programming has changed. They even managed to allow the Prime Minister character to have a tax cutting agenda without totally ridiculing it! Unthinkable!

Anyway, the following section of dialogue is fantastic (apologies for any errors, I'm working from memory):

Sir Humphrey: he's [a candidate for appointment] against oppression in
Prime Minister: really?
So Humphrey: even when it's carried out by
black governments instead of white ones
Prime Minister: Oh, a racist then.

Can anyone imagine this attitude nowadays being a) openly stated, and b) clearly ridiculed by the BBC?

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


... for the lack of activity. I have been terribly busy, what with work and competitions and various other sundries.

Anyway, if any of you infidels were ever planning on visiting Mecca, forget it:

Click to enlarge.

I believe that picture needs no further comment. Just remember it when Muslims spuriously complain about being discriminated against in Europe.

In other news, the crazy animal party has hired a close associate of Volkert vd G as an adviser working in the House of Representatives. Who is Dhr G, vd, I hear you cry? Well, he is the extreme left animal rights terrorist who shot and killed Pim Fortuyn. I believe that this tells us something about the crazy animal party, i.e. that they are every bit as crazy as I think they are. Some of the other politicians are not comfortable with this, understandably.

Apparently vd G has set himself up in business in the clink writing complaint letters for the other inmates...

Friday, December 01, 2006

Oh dear...

In a vote of 75 to 74, the Dutch parliament has just voted to amnesty all failed asylum seekers who made the first application before 1 April 2001. Great. This motion was put forward by PvdA leader Wouter Bos, and was supported by all the left-wing parties, including the loony animal party (confirming yet again that this is indeed a left-wing party). What amnesty for asylum seekers has to do with animal rights, I have no idea.

The left of course wrapped this up in terms of "fairness" and all that usual claptrap, but in reality is this fair to genuine asylum claimants who have worked within the system, to bogus claimants who have voluntarily left the Netherlands over the last few years, and to the Dutch taxpayer who has to foot the bill for this?

And of course the Law of Unintended Consequences applies here, as it does to most left-wing policies. The blindingly obvious unintended consequence here is that this move will not go unnoticed around the world, showing the Netherlands to be a soft touch to fraudulent claims of asylum. Having somewhat successfully put the brakes on this phenomenon over the last few years, Bos and his other useful idiots have reopened the floodgates to illegal immigration. The message they have sent is that all you have to do is survive here for a few years, and then you will be amnestied.

Either Bos and cohorts are deluded enough to believe their own rhetoric, are blind enough not to see the obvious result of this, or there is something more sinister and cynical at hand.

Possible cynical interpretations could be as follows:
1. These bogus asylum seekers will vote left-wing, since these parties promise them free stuff, so it is essentially a case of the left-wing parties importing votes for themselves, literally at everybody else's expense.
2. Even more cynically, let us not forget that the SP are still a fundamentally Revolutionary Communist Party, and the others are not far off. Importing a whole load of bogus asylum seekers will destabilise the country socially and financially, giving rise to Marx's "revolutionary conditions", allowing these parties to seize power in a rather more permanent fashion. A less extreme version of this is merely the destruction of Western civilisation and its ideals by importing incompatible cultures with no desire to integrate.

Whatever the reason, this is bad news.

In other news, something went down a few streets over yesterday -- the police cordoned off the road at both ends, and I saw more police yesterday than I normally do in a whole year. Whatever it was, it wasn't big enough for the national news, so I will have to wait for next week's local paper to find out what it was.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Thanks for clearing that up

The coalition talks continue apace. I expect a result by... oh... the end of the next decade.

Marianne Thieme, leader of the nutty animal party, told NOS Journaal that she does not fancy the idea of a CDA/PvdA/SP coalition (nor do I, frankly), and feels instead that a broader coalition of more "like-minded" parties, such as PvdA/SP/GL/CU/D66/PvdD would be better.

Hang on a minute, Marianne sweetie, didn't you say on your electoral campaign website that:

Niemand kan meer zeggen dat dierenrechten een links of rechts thema zijn. De rechten van dieren overstijgen oude tegenstellingen tussen mensen, net als bij beschavingsbewegingen die bijvoorbeeld de rechten van kinderen, slaven, arbeiders, vrouwen, zwarten en mensen met een homosexuele geaardheid op de agenda zetten.

No one can say any more that animal rights are a left or right wing issue. The rights of animals surmount the old differences between people, just as with the civilising movements which put for instance the rights of children, slaves, workers, women, blacks and people with a homosexual nature on the agenda.

And yet you are declaring yourself "like-minded" with a lot of parties which are, with the exception of D66, quite notably left wing. How helpful of you to finally point this out, not that it wasn't blindingly obvious that a party focusing solely on animal rights such as your own was not crypto-socialist at heart, even though you did not deem it necessary to write down any policies of importance to people in your manifesto.

Thanks for clearing that up, love. Now get back to your animal colouring books, there's a good girl, and leave the politics to the grown-ups.